We offer software services for individual taxi drivers, minicab companies, courier companies and towign trucks companies (recovery car).

Our software can make your life way much easier in terms of dispatch the jobs from the office thrue the drivers, to alocate the bookings more eficiently and not ultimately we can deliver you more jobs on top of yours.

How it works for individual taxi drivers?

Working as taxi driver most of the times means to queuing at train station or commercial center taxi rank. By register with our app you might receive direct jobs from clients on your smart phone, direct from their current locations.

How it works for minican companies?

How it works for courier companies?

How it works for towing trucks companies?

In ground transportation industry every experience in the street may be different due to high expectation of today’s client. That’s why we need to count on your abilities of being polite and professional at all time, provide a world class experience for our clients, maintain up to date all legal papers required for you and your car.

  • Fluent English
  • Driving license & skills
  • Updated papers
  • Excellent service
  • To do attitude
  • Taxis owners (hackney carriage)
  • Moto & Van Couriers owners
  • Recovery cars owners