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Minicab Companies


Cab Taxi App

The app also can empower local minicab offices who find difficult to run nowadays mobile technology with mobile software solutions.

Maya Mix is an app where you can book a taxi for metered journeys only with cash payments.

Travel to and from any airport, home, office or train station, you simply select where to be picked up from, where you want to go to and the app will show a price estimation. This is the new digital point of contact between client and taxi driver, direct contact with taxi drivers means more accuracy.

Customer book in real-time and booking go instant to driver with no dispatch involved, no more waiting around, no more booking delays. Maya Mix is here to make a difference when you book by app is easy, transparent and more efficient than wait in a phone call.

How this works ?
– Download the app from App store or Google Play,
– make your account using your email and phone number,

– update your profile in the app,
– see the price estimation and make a job request for your chosen pick-up and drop off point for a taxi.

Our taxis are officaly licensed by local councils, insured, running on meter, have good knowledge of local area.

Standard taxi cars = cash payment, 4 seats available.

Minivan taxi cars = cash payment, 5-8 seats available.

Assist taxi cars = cash payment, cars with dissability accessibility available, 3-8 seats available.