What is Cab Taxi App?

The Cab Taxi App is a web and mobile application where users can book a taxi even in small cities.

How does Cab Taxi App work?

The Cab Taxi App is free to download and there are no hidden costs or minimum fares. You just pay what’s on the taxi meter by cash  to the driver.

Is Cab Taxi App safe?

Absolutely. We only work with licensed Black Cabs and Hackney Carriages which are fully regulated by the local cities councils, Transport for London in case of the Uk capital. All Cab Taxi App drivers undergo thorough CRB and medical checks.

Can you pay cash or card with Cab Taxi?

You’ll just pay what’s on the taxi meter by cash to the driver. You can pay by card in the app for some location where card payment is activated. You need to add your debit or credit card in the app to use this feature.

How can I join the network?

In order to use the Cab Taxi App you just need to download the user app from Android or iOS Store.

Where is Cab Taxi App available?

Cab Taxi App is available in Uk.