Cab Taxi App

Cab Taxi App – Book a Taxi with your mobile even in small cities.

Cab Taxi App is an app where you can book a taxi, a courier or a recovery car in Gatwick, Crawley, London, Brighton, Portsmouth, Southampton, Woking, Guildford, Birmingham, Bristol, Cheltenham, Gloucester.

cab taxi app
Cab Taxi App

How does Cab Taxi App works?

Cab Taxi App is an app where you can book a taxi or a recovery car.

User book in real-time and the request go in real time to the closest driver who accept the job request with no dispatch involved. No more waiting around, no more booking delays. Cab Taxi App is here to make a difference, easier, transparent and more efficient than waiting in the queue with dispatch calls.

What cars can you order ? below it’s a list, but for every location it might slightly vary.

Taxi cars (CASH/CARD payment)

Taxis = 4 seats available.

Taxi Minivan = 5-8 seats available, cash payment.

Towing & Recovery Cars (CARD payment)

Tow <3,5Tons = available to embark cars with maximum 1.5 tons = Client Car + Tow Car = 3.5 tons

Tow <7,5Tons = available to embark cars with maximum 3.5 tons = Client Car + Tow Car = 7.5 tons.

Tow >7,5Tons = 5-8 seats available = Client Car + Tow Car = 20 tons

The system will connect you. The rider is matched with a partner-driver or subcontractor. A nearby driver sees and chooses to accept the rider’s trip request. The rider is automatically notified when the driver’s vehicle is about a minute away.

You’ll pay by card in the app or by cash in the car.

Drivers and users can leave ratings and reviews, from 1 to 5 stars, at the end of each trip. Users can also give the driver compliments.

Ready to experience for yourself? download the mobile app that suits you from App Store or Google Play.